• Our Understanding

    of Neurodiversity

    "Neurodiversity is natural.

    It is the very basis of life itself.

    We are all different and this is universally accepted."


    Paul Davies(In The Neurodiversity Reader: Exploring Concepts, Lived Experience and Implications for Practice. (2020) Eds. Murray, Milton, Ridout, Martin and Mills)​


    Autistic people and those with ADHD experience the world in a unique way, often reflected by their own set of skills and abilities, styles of communication and ways of interacting. We understand autism and ADHD as a form of neurodivergency and take a neuro-diversity affirming approach. We accept and value people's differences and do not consider them as deficits or impairments. The purpose of assessment is to explore individual differences and how they impact everyday life.​

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    Women and Girls

    Historically autism and ADHD has been more commonly associated with boys and men. Lots of the research has overlooked women and girls and led to low rates of diagnosis. We know that women and girls can present differently and that this can often be associated with camouflaging and masking. We approach our assessments and support with this knowledge and tailor them accordingly.

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    Camouflaging and Masking

    Camouflaging and masking are ways in which autistic people and those with ADHD may consciously or subconsciously learn to suppress and hide who they really are, as they try to fit into a neurotypical world. Camouflaging and masking has a detrimental impact on a person's well-being. We work alongside people to explore the different strategies that people may have developed to manage. We bring this shared understanding into our diagnostic conclusions and recommendations for support.