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    Matthew Hodder,


    What is my experience?​


    I’ve worked in the field of behavioural psychology for over 11 years, supporting children, young people and adults in a range of settings across private, NHS and charitable sectors. I am a qualified behavioural psychologist and UKBA with the UK Society for Behaviour Analysis, regulated by the Professional Standards Authority. I have a large range of clinical experience within neurodiversity assessment, and support. I am currently completing a PhD in adapting autism assessments to better recognise individuals who camouflage or ‘mask.


    How would I describe myself?​


    I find passion in trying to understand people’s lived experiences and ensure they are met from the very first appointment with a highly professional, empathic and person-centred approach. I am often described as a confident person who is able to explain things in a sensitive and diplomatic way and I pride myself on upholding the values I represent both personally and as a clinician. I am a strong believer in working together to achieve outcomes and that the best progress is made through positive partnership working.