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    Jessica Walsh,


    What is my experience?​


    I am a HCPC registered clinical psychologist with 17 years of experience working within the NHS and third sector organisations. I have spent 11 years of this time working with adults with learning disabilities and autistic people across London. This has involved completing assessments of learning disabilities, autism and dementia, as well as providing psychological support for individuals and families. I regularly provide consultation and training to other services around the individual I am supporting, ensuring the person’s voice and needs are central. I have also worked within neuropsychology, brain injury rehabilitation, mental health and specialist trauma services. I work in ways which are trauma and attachment informed.


    How would I describe myself?​


    I am a warm, calm and open person. I really like hearing the life stories people bring to psychological assessment, which feels like a privilege to be witness to. I place great importance on building a safe and meaningful space for individuals to explore what is important to them, the strengths they possess, as well as the challenges they may face. I consider myself to be neurodiversity affirming in my practice and hope for individuals I work with to feel heard and validated. I always aim to work alongside people in finding ways forward, that are meaningful to them as individuals. I place importance on seeing the whole of the person and the context they are within.