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    Elizabeth Lanier Pole, 


    What is my experience?​


    I am a specialist Occupational Therapist registered with the HCPC, have worked for people with learning disabilities and autistic people for over 20 years and practice from an occupation-centred perspective.

    My work in play centres, youth clubs and in NHS Services has led me to strive to support people and their networks to find and engage in activities that they enjoy, that maintain a sense of well-being and that promote independence and self-belief. I have experience in carrying out specialist assessments and being part of multi-disciplinary, neurodiversity affirming services.


    How would I describe myself?​


    I am a hopeful andoptimistic person. I like to listen, to keep learning and to use the skills I
    have to serve the people I am working for. I enjoy seeing people thrive and
    take part in the activities that help them live life to the full.