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    Dr Kiran Sandhu,


    What is my experience?​


    I am a Forensic Psychologist registered with the HCPC. I have over ten years’ experience working within mental health services across different clinical settings and with a range of clinical presentations, including inpatient services for adults with learning disabilities and community adult mental health. I also have experience of conducting highly specialised psychological assessments of clients involved in child protection procedures, and I have experience in providing consultation to staff working within residential children’s homes. As such, I am confident in working with a range of clinical presentations. Since 2018, I have primarily worked in neurodevelopmental assessment services.


    How would I describe myself?​


    I am someone who cares deeply about the work that I do, and I consider myself to be warm and approachable. I am a neurodiversity affirming clinician, skilled in assessing children, young people and adults for autism and ADHD. I am passionate about offering assessments that provide a holistic picture, and it is important to me that the people I assess are left feeling understood and validated. I work with curiosity and compassion and I seek to understand the strengths and hopes of the people I assess, whilst also recognising the difficulties they may face.