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    Dr Dora Whittuck

    Consultant Clinical Psychologist

    What is my experience?​


    I’m a HCPC registered clinical psychologist with over 20 years' experience. I started working adults with learning disabilities and autistic people after qualifying in 2009, and went on to lead learning disability and autism diagnostic services in two London boroughs. I’ve worked as a Senior Lecturer on the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University College London and the University of East London, where I led on a range of teaching including Autism and Learning Disabilities. When not working clinically, I work with charities and arts organisations to innovate health and social care services, to help them to better meet the needs of the people that they serve.​


    How would I describe myself?​


    I am a warm and quietly spoken person. It’s important to me that I make sure people feel at ease with me, and work hard to make sure people feel relaxed and safe. I’m highly experienced in neurodevelopmental assessments and bring my broad knowledge and understanding of neurodiversity to my work. I’m committed neuro-diversity affirming practice and believe that the diagnostic process should feel like an empowering journey of personal discovery.